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9950 Painted Backing

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Whether you take “The Big Leap” or not, you discover “Being The Ricardos” and “Bosch: Legacy” tell it like it is. In fact, we feel a sense of “Euphoria” and want to chant “Hail, Caesar!” when we proudly share the backings we created for these productions.

Your production design projects are as unique as the stories they tell. With nearly 5,000 backings to choose from, JC Backings rental catalog has everything you need.

Paint them. Print them. Photograph them. Rent them.

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DPC-547 Digital Print Vinyl Backing

CT-963 Photo Backing

CT-964 Photo Backing 

DPC-543 Digital Print Vinyl Backing
DPC-543 Digital Print Vinyl Backing

9934 Painted Backing

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