Photo Albums

A picture tells a story better than words ever could, which is why we’re proud to share our favorite photo albums with you.

Before/After Album

We specialize in customizing stock images to clients' exact specifications. Check out this album with some of our more recent before and after images.

Set Photos from Happy
Clients Album

See our backings in action in these set photos. Send us your set photos featuring our backings, and we'll post them to Facebook and on our website!

JC Backings Scenic
Studio Album

The JC Backings Scenic Studio is not only a historic building, but we think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. Here’s our chance to share some of the beauty.

Historical Backings Album

We've been to "Peyton Place." We've spent time with "Doctor Doolittle," "Mary Poppins," and "Cleopatra." We've even survived "Earthquake" and "Towering Inferno." Feeling nostalgic? Click here to take a walk down memory lane.

J.C. Backings Art Directors
Guild Events

J.C. Backings hosted a series of private viewings featuring 20+ historic backings for the Art Directors Guild. The events were located at JC Backings' Scenic Studio located on the Sony Pictures Studios lot. Click here to view pictures from the events

22nd ADG Awards

Every year the industry gathers to celebrate the best in production design, and JC Backings is there. This year, we proudly sponsored the event and donated a backing rigged and displayed outside the Dolby Theater lobby. It proved to be a favorite background for everyone attending.

2012 Holiday Card Shoot

The only things more anticipated than the JC Backings holiday card are award nominations and award shows! See behind the scenes in the creation of one of our favorites!

Video Gallery

Our scenic backdrops are made for TV and film, so it should be no surprise we have a video gallery featuring a select group of backings we've created or touched up over the years.

Gardena Facility Gallery

All hail JC Backings new facility in Gardena, home to our rental backings and our Painted Backing studio, where we do touch ups and other backing maintenance. Conveniently located in Gardena, California.

Smiley Facility Gallery

Home to JC Backings headquarters as well as its Digital Print vinyl backing and Photo backing printing, our Smiley Facility is conveniently located in Culver City, California.