Care and Handling

Photo Backings, Painted Backings and Digital Print Backings are very expensive to produce and to repair. So, the more experienced your personnel is in handling the backings, the less likely there will be any damage to the backings. Significant repair costs can accrue if the backings are allowed to get wet, torn, dirty, burned, scratched, or crushed.

The area that is used for unpacking and unrolling the backing must be free and clear of all dirt, nails, debris, water, paint, etc. It is suggested that a drop cloth or plastic is laid on the floor before unrolling the backing.

A minimum of two people is necessary for hanging a backing that is up to 20' wide. If the backing is wider, then more people are required. Most of our backings are attached to battens. The battens have holes drilled through them so that a rope can be passed through the hole to hang the backing. If there are no holes in the batten then you will find a slit along the edge where the backing meets the batten and a rope can be passed through it. If clamps are used, be sure they are rubber tipped or a piece of clean wood is placed between the clamp and the backing to reduce the chance of a mark being made on the backing. If the backing is webbed and grommeted then you can use the grommets to tie the backing onto a pipe for hanging.

Using Sections:
A Painted Backing may be top and bottom rolled or side rolled if necessary. Do not fold the backing, if only using a section, always roll it. A Photo Backing and Digital Print Backing can only be bottom rolled or side rolled, do not top roll.

Fold Marks in Painted Backings:
If the backing is folded, then you need to allow time for the fold marks to fall out after hanging. If the fold marks are still noticeable, lightly mist the back of the backing with some hot water, using a compressed air sprayer and make sure to cover the entire surface evenly or it may cause a spider web wrinkle. Do not spray the front of the backing, do not use a steamer on the front of the backing and do not heavily soak it with water. If you soak the backing with too much water, it will cause a reaction in the flameproofing and a stain will develop when the backing dries.

Do not attempt to do any cleaning or repairs on any of our backings. If there are any problems with a backing that you have rented please call our office. The Photo Backings will sometimes appear to be dusty when unrolled. Do not attempt to remove this dust, it will not show up once the backing is lit. If a painted backing becomes wet, do not roll or fold it up. The backing dries best while still hanging. Once again, please notify our office if this occurs.

No alterations of any kind will be permitted. If an alteration is made to a rental backing then the client will be financially responsible for replacing or repairing it back to original condition.

The Painted, Photo and Digital Print Backings should be lowered to a clean floor before rolling back up again. Make sure the backing is free of any debris i.e. tape, dirt, staples before rolling the backing up with the picture side facing inside the roll. The Painted Backing should then be tied with oil free cloth or rope. If it is being used out of state it should then be placed carefully inside of its shipping tube or crate. A Photo Backing or Digital Print Backing should be rolled up on its cardboard inner core and then placed carefully inside its cardboard outer tube. Seal the ends of the tube with gaffers tape.