Rental Policies

All of our backings can be put on hold at no charge to the client. We recommend that you call us to check availability and condition. If a backing is not available, our helpful staff can usually suggest an alternative.

All rental prices are based upon the width of the backing, the number of days a backing remains at your location and where the backing is being used. The minimum rental period is 7 working days. Discounts are available for longer rental periods.

Late Returns:
The client is responsible for returning a backing to J.C. Backings by the scheduled return date. If the backing is not in our warehouse by that date a daily late fee will be charged to the client.

J.C. Backings accepts either a Purchase Order # from an approved client, a Company Check or Cash. No credit cards are accepted. C.O.D. clients must provide a deposit check on all Photo Backing rentals. All clients must provide an insurance certificate naming J.C. Backings Corporation as additional insured on their liability policy.

There is no charge for canceling a reservation.