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JC Backings Goes Completely Digital From Capture to Output

Culver City, California October 16, 2006 - J.C. Backings has purchased a new 39-megapixel, Phase One P45 digital camera back mounted on a Cambo Wide DS body for shooting our clients’ custom photography. Lynne Coakley, Vice President and Owner along with the company’s photographer Pierre Steele, are very excited to add this digital capture technology to their existing workflow. The individual components of this camera setup have been optimized to produce the high quality and detailed images required to create our Photographic and/or Digital Print Vinyl Backings. Pierre Steele states that “By utilizing this cutting edge digital capture technology, we are able to streamline our production process while maintaining our stringent quality controls. The result is a win-win situation for both J.C. Backings and our clients.”
Some of the many benefits of shooting digital over the traditional 8” x 10” view cameras are:

  1. Our clients can immediately view the images on a computer screen at the time the shots are taken and make any compositional changes they desire on the fly.
  2. Once, the images have been captured they are archived to a DVD and/or uploaded directly to J.C. Backing’s ftp site for safe keeping.
  3. Our clients realize an immediate cost savings when original photography is needed. The cost to shoot is decreased due to the significant reduction in the amount of equipment and expendables required.

J.C. Backings Corporation has over 5,000 rental backings available including historic stock from MGM, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios and Walt Disney Studios. J.C. Backings has highly trained personnel who create our Painted, Photo and Digital Print Backings for Feature Films, Television, Commercials, Theme Parks, Music Videos and much more.